IBK (@spaceshipboi) hailed as rising icon | Exclusive interview

If you are not aware that:

- IBK won the Don Jazzy Enigma beat competition on Notjustok
- IBK produced the beat for the Nigerian BET Cypher which featured the likes of Naeto C, Blaise, M.I., Eva & more
- His "I have a Dream" track is one of the most talked about singles in 2011

...you must be living under a rock. Roll the rock over, see the light, and meet IBK (Spaceshipboi) up close and personal in this exclusive interview with Dami B Awodiya for D'liciOuscity. In this interview, IBK reveals plans for his first album and--just watch the video; we don't want to give away the juicy details.

'Guess it's safe to say that IBK is one name that will be on our lips for a very long time. Enjoy the interview, share the link, and leave comments.

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this is what Nigeria needs now, role models. keep it up IBK

Wow...Interesting interview IBK. really inspiring. Please let the world have ur record in good time. Even I cant wait. peace out bro!

What an interesting interview!

I got to know about IBK through the don jazzy/notjustok competition and I have been a fan since then. More power to your elbow, bro.

the Definition of good Music...
IBK Rox!

creative genius with d beat...repping Christ and showing His superior quality through art is good for the world...We are the salt...IBK great 1 !

From the first time I heard you sing, I knew nothing could hold you back. You have worked hard to get here and I can still see that passion in your eyes. Keep keeping on bro.

brilliant boy wit absolute dexterity in music, u will definitely go places, this is just d beginning of an icon in d making, SABE ENTERTAINMENT SAY SO.............. we just cant wait 4 d album

One bump to his music and you're hooked!

Keeping it real. Great work.Keep it up bro.

When you hear the name spaceshipboi, you wonder why that of all names? You listen to his music and you realize how much sense the name makes--the music is out of this world.

IBK...Music Creativity is Wonderful& I'm certain this is just the TIP of IT ALL. Remain the BEST Sir.

IBK= enigma. This dude is creativity personified.

Wow! Ibk, this is really inspiring! you're surely a great man!

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