745 Entertainment & Nigerian Independence Weekend

The Nigerian Entertainment Awards (NEA) took place Labor Day weekend in New York City from September 2-5, 2011. In conjunction with the NEA Team, executive team member, co-founder and official disc jockey of the NEA, DJ Zimo pulled together three days of African events, including a welcome party, seminars, a movie premiere, and an award ceremony.

With over 900 tickets sold for the pre-show, main show and after party at the NEA 2011, the festivities do not end with the NEA Labor Day weekend events.

Zimo's 745 Entertainment in union with Amebor and Royalty Lifestyles will be hosting the Nigerian Independence Day party in connection with the Nigerian Independence Day Parade in Philadelphia September 30th and in New York City on October 8th.

The party in Philadelphia, PA will take place at Club Sikira (1040 South 57th Street North Baltimore Ave)

The Party in New York, NY will take place at the Union Square Ballroom (27 Union Square West)

Visit http://bit.ly/noEF8L for tickets and more information.

Gain access to Zimo's 745 Entertainment Nigerian Independence day party updates, the latest Nigerian music and mixes via Jandus Radio. Jandus Radio is a media outlet that provides access to media content, news and music from Nigeria and around the world. Jandus Radio can be downloaded on Blackberry devices at www.jandusradio.com/mobile. 745 Entertainment hosts a radio station on Jandus Radio.

Catch DJ Zimo at Bleu Martini on 24 South 2nd Street in Philadelphia every Wednesday and Friday.

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