On August 18, 2011, Nigeria once again scores high on the international scene as CNN lists the Nigerian accent as the 5th sexiest accent in the world! and guess who was mentioned as the true
representative of the sexy accent? Omotola Jalade Ekeinde.

This feat is surely not surprising as Omotola has always been known for excellent skills in delivering her lines. She doesn’t speak like a Briton or American, she reps Naija fully with her tongue, origin and stardom. She’s truly an advocate of everything good, sexy and Nigerian.

Attached is the CNN link of the story:

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It is amazing the things we choose to celebrate (not directed at the actress, but at the topic and the "value"). Being mentioned by CNN is such a great honor? Maybe now we will start valuing our own accent. We are very quick to join crazy western fads like "sexiness". Wish we would join valuable and meaningful bandwagons like good governance, rapid technological development, etc.

I am not raving at you; just sad at our values and what a waste it has made of an otherwise intelligent and hard-working people.

While I understand your point, I am thinking a different route. I personally feel that we are not talking about this because it's the most important topic, but because it's positive.

CNN is very quick to point out nigerians as scammers, liars et al. Why not point out the positive things they say about us?

If we have good governance in Nigeria, won't we talk about it?

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