Introducing Victor 'Debayo in 'Grandma'.

Victor Adebayo is a Nigerian recording artist, Singer/Songwriter, and Instrumentalist. He is from Ilesha in Osun state, South West region of Nigeria .

Music has always been present in Victor's life, right from childhood; he had been exposed to Indigenous and Soul Music through his parents. He began to win people's heart with his voice while growing up, and was encouraged by the feedback from his friends and teachers while in elementary school. He has a passion to be heard and to share his gift with the world in general. He was part of a group called the 'Voices of Glory' before he embarked on a solo career.

He started singing since 1993 but professionally Victor ‘Debayo started breaking grounds in 2003 with his sensational and soul piercing voice and lyrics. He is influenced by both indigenous and foreign R & B music, Pop and Soul. His music however falls mainly in the traditional folk and lyrical genre with influences from all of the above.

He has worked with producers like Flo, Edmond Benson of Six team, Phat E, Big Larry and yearns to expand his musical capabilities. He believes the Afrofolk music he makes will have its place in the 'World' genre of music with his adept use of the Yoruba language to inspire people, lift souls and encourage humanity.

Victor ‘Debayo is working hard right now on the production of a debut album titled 'EGBENAWA' with featured tracks such as 'Grand Ma', 'Egbenawa' and 'Lullab'y. Victor is currently unsigned and open to affiliations,performance invitations and collaborations.

Victor 'Debayo - Grand Ma

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Who is this guy!!!?? Where did he just sprout from??!!

Na wa o! We ain't seen nothing yet in Naija! Great one!

oh goodness!!... This song is a master peices still can't believe this is coming from Naija.. need to hear more songs from this gifted singer..

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