Talented producer, sweet and savvy vocalist, and yeh.. Banker! ESURE is out with a brand new effort titled PAMI LAYO.

The sexy song with beats laced by the good-lucking-to-bits singer, extols powerful vocals engaging the drums and snares in the most romantic manner.

Sex sells, is that why he decided to tow that line? No, he says. "Songs stem from inspiration, day to day activities inspire. They call me 'Lover Boy' so you should know sex and sexuality is a way of life".

ESURE first came on the scene with hit single Lanti Lanti which gained him deserved respect for his vocal ability and production skills. He's been on a long break since then but he's back now, according to him, music is his first love and there's no way he could envision a life for himself without it. "If i become President tomorrow, i'll be the first and probably only President who released albums while in office and performed at shows, lol".

E Sure - Pami Layo

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