The Mind of a Contemporary Woman Unraveled by Adama Paris at Africa Fashion Week

Adama Paris will showcase at Saturday, July 16th at Africa Fashion Week New York. AFWNY, produced by Adirée, is set to take place July 14th, 15th, and 16th in New York City’s Financial District in the Broad Street Ballroom.

Adama Paris strives to represent the mindset of the contemporary woman. Designer, Adama Amanda Ndiaye, uses colors and print to express culture and diversity. She draws inspiration from her Senegalese heritage and her frequent travels around the world.

"Adama Paris was born from my desire to share my passion for fashion as well as fulfilling my will for displaying diversity”, said Ndiaye in an interview with Vogue Italia.

AFWNY includes runway shows hosting 21+ designers from various countries in Africa and those of the African Diaspora, exhibitions, and industry networking events. AFWNY is strictly invitation only. Opening designer Korto Momolu and designers like Washington Roberts, Saint Wobil, AAMAA Couture, Bill Witherspoon and others will showcase. Sponsors include PopDrum, Mo-Saique, AveYou, Makari de Suisse, John Ashford, and Avaloni Studios. AFWNY is an invite only event however press and media can register at Buyers may send an email to to secure seating.

About Adama Amanda Ndiaye

Adama Amanda Ndiaye is the founder of Adama Paris. Ndiaye was born in Kinshasa (previously know as Zaïre) and comes from a Senegalese origin. With both parents being diplomats, Ndiaye grew up in two capitals was exposed to fashion from a young age. Ndiaye now resides in Paris, France.

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