How to know you are razz

1. If you ask for guguru instead of popcorn in a cinema.

2. If Osupa Saheed and Pasuma turns you on.

3. If you know the lyrics to Pon pon pon by DaGrin

4. When you prefer Alomo bitter to champagne

5.If Toyota logo is at the the back of your jeans or you wear Tonny Hilfinger

6. If you use saliva as glue and broom stick as tooth pick.

7. If wizkid mentioned your name in pakurumo.

8. If you go to the cinema' toilet to take photos.

9. If you adjust your pant while walking.

10. If you take photos of your food and use it as DP

12. If you call your sitting room, parlour.

13.If you use padlock to lock your fridge

14. If you regularly count the (meat, fish or chicken) in your pot

15. If you use your hand to pick your teeth or nose.

16.If Africa magic yoruba is your favourite Channel.

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