Sham Pain ft. Joey Plus - 'Hatin On My Swagg' (Naija Remix)

Femi Olu aka Sham Pain was born and raised in the harsh surroundings in Peckham SE15, London (UK) to Nigerian parents of which his Father is a Doctor and his Mother a PA Secretary. He says to be an African was the best thing that could have happened especially after visiting Nigeria on many occasions for family holidays saying it gave him a sense of belonging and to know who he was from the start surely saved him a lot of time. Sham Pain's family originate from Ibadan and he proudly states his parents birth village as being Aramoko Ekiti which he has visited on numerous occassions.

Moving consistently between Dallas and Atlanta since 1999 has really shaped this hot independent Nigerian unsigned artist. The USA southern influence is apparent and very raw with a twist, that twist being he was born and bred in the UK but sounds like he is from the deep South when he sings and then blurbs out his native Yoruba language or speaks in Pidgin. Sham Pain added "It is clear my accent has "slightly" changed living in the USA for so long, but still having my English accent also mixed with my Nigerian accent all tightly blends together to give me my own signature vocal sound."

Sham Pain's 5th album is entitled '4D Swagg (The Movie)'. Based around his personal life it was initially written as a movie script before he broke down the scenes into several songs which when compiled make up the album. The ever talented songwriter/producer/artist/entrepreneur went very deep on this album and really covered a plethora of diverse topics. Listening to Sham Pain you will be moved by his signature "deep gruffy" raw voice and he is able to produce, write, rap and sing in many different styles and genres and proves it on this film score album.

The first single to be released from the album '4D Swagg (The Movie)' is entitled 'Hatin On My Swagg'. Sham Pain features Nigerian homegrown talent "Joey Plus". The combination of both artistes raw swagged up energy hammer the infectious beat which was produced by Joey Plus. Sham Pain has performed live throughout USA & Europe and now embarks on his homeland to make a name for his record label (gRock Records Intl.) and increase his fanbase on the African continent.

The musical offering on the album consistes of Hip Hop, Dancehall, House & R&B. Sham Pain stated, once he hears the beat it tells him what to write then his swagg takes over from there. Natural stars are few and far between and Sham Pain backs up everything he says on his tracks ten fold. Every artist should have a story to tell and Sham Pain's life has been anything but simple. Sham Pain experienced homelessness and lived on the streets for nearly 2 years. Rather than seeing it as a negative, as always he turned it into a positive situation and says this was the best thing that could of happened to him. He added "it made me strong mentally and taught me alot about myself and more importantly taught me alot about other people". Those days are long gone and now Sham Pain sits at the top of his business empire and delivers his rags to riches story through his music and this is why his 4D swagg has also netted him the moniker 'Sham Pain aka Prince of Ibadan'.

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