The entertainment industry sure has missed him and the creativity that revolves round his work, but barely before the reality of his comeback dawned on some people, he's starting to make bold statements again!

Morachi last night at an event hosted by INDUSTRY NITE in his honour, launched his brand new video IBU ONYE (shot by BERYLS) which features several elements of the traditional Nigeria as it relates to the east where he's from. Some of these elements include masquerades, a 150yr old tortoise, 2 live ostriches, a live python, etc.

On the night, he also performed for the 1st time, his new single "Bend Down Touch Your Toes" featuring LYNXXX, thrilling fans, friends, the media and other attendees at the well attended event.

Now that the new video and even a newer single have been pushed out, Morachi's label II-Flame Ent. is ready to introduce his new brand "The #godofpassion" which is an encapsulation of how sexy and sensationally passionate his personality is.

Some shots for the ladies

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THis song has been out since like 07. These pics are just promo pics for him not for the a single. Do you research jo.

There is a clear difference between "new video" and "new single".

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