Introducing AT - Leap of Faith (Prod. by Kid Konnect)

Allow me to introduce you to the newest female rapper on the block. Word on the street is that this young act would give a lot of female rappers a run for their money.

AT, born Atuora Erokoro (1990) is a Nigerian rapper from Cross River State. AT got into music at an early age, listening to various artists from TLC to Elvis. She graduated from Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja in 2006 and is currently attending college in Baltimore, Maryland. AT is set to drop “The Climb”, her first mixtape, summer 2011. She worked with the talented DJ Babus on the project.

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This gurl is just too good. It's only a matter of time before she BLOWS!!!

Yea, some good stuff, at least some real talent, not the likes of Sasha who thinks she's something. Infact Naija annoys me, with the way they just hype this no-talent people and let them take the shine, when we have some better talents like this Atura girl.

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