IBK - I have a dream

There is a new face of urban hip-hop emerging from the African continent; undoubtedly the next big thing to look out for when it comes to hot poetic line delivery over fantastic beats. He is a Producer, rapper, singer and song writer that knows how to work his art just right.

In 2009 he dropped his introductory record (Tongues) that got our jaws to drop and our minds to wander if this type of guy is from planet earth, he later went on to put out several remakes and original short songs like (Elele, Life and Music).

Now he is fired up to do it big and bless us with something more; he is gearing up to put out the piece that would shake our planet and rock it to its foundation. He is finally giving us as a taste of what he calls (I COME IN PEACE)--the official single for the album of the decade.

Grab your earphones, sit back, relax and enjoy this hot new record, the official single from the I COME IN PEACE album (I HAVE A DREAM) by non other than Nigeria's very own IBK(SPACESHIPBOI).

Download track (here)

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