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FLO (Real name: Nathan ‘Flo’ Akiremi) is a multi-talented Contemporary Inspira
tional Rock Fusion artist as well as a seasoned Music Producer and Prolific Songwriter. D
istinct with his long hair, a humorous persona and a diverse eclectic outlook on life and music, FLO, currently based in Nigeria, stands out from the rest. FLO grew up in a musical family; his mother was a classical soloist while his father was a writer, singer and musician. FLO’s album, 'Christmas According to FLO' is the first-ever released from his musical stables.

As FLO, he has written, co-written, produced and worked with countless number of artists including, 'Efe', 'Aaron T Aaron', 'Vivien Stephen', 'Kore', 'Onos Bikawei' , ‘Ibiyemi’ and many more, all prominent Nigerian artistes. He has also worked with 'Shalamar'. With singles such as 'Addicted', and 'Fire', you are sure to be held spellbound by his immersive lyrics, persuasive melodies and distinct harmonies. He has been described as powerfully eclectic; his songs stand out in a branded style of composition and arrangement, his voice exceptionally distinctive & refreshingly matchless, his music, so captivating. The second album - 'The OverFLO' released June, 2011 is now out on sale at the digital markets: iTunes, Amazon & CdBaby.

FLO - Addicted

FLO - Ope Loye o

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"The energy, the passion and the skill is effortless. FLO has mastered his art without a shadow of a doubt. Wherever you find FLO, you'll definitely find a trail of excellence. "
- MTV Base

"FLO is a hybrid. I have no clue what inspires him and quite frankly I can't be bothered because he is simply 'One of a kind'. FLO is groovy, melodic, lyrical and deep! I have one advice for you all. Keep your eyes on this dude. He's taking us somewhere."
- Jonathan McAllister, Music, The Profession, The Masters. (Jan 15, 2011)

"There are no two words to describe FLO's music. Simply Redefining! "
- Carl Michigan, Music Today

"Wow! Your voice is stunningly beautiful! Your voice stands out from almost everyone on this entire website! Definitely a favorite! What a blessing! "
- Wandale,

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You are my rock, my sheild, my shelter! I just love how FLO refines old church songs to something you wanna jam to shamelessly.

I also love his rockish voice; it's so beautiful.

FLO u are one of my mentors now in the gospel music industry after the likes of MALI music n odas.being tryin to get 2 u bt avnt fiund ur name on facebook or twitter pls can u help me with dat tanks boss

Flo the sky is just the begining for you.......lovely and powerful voice. The lyrics of your songs are absolutely wonder and deep. GOD bless you. I have been blessed by your songs.


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