Timi Dakolo - There's a Cry

The anticipation of Timi Dakolo’s Beautiful Noise heightened after the idol dished out free copies of his hit single, Let It Shine at a recent autograph session

Timi Dakolo, winner of Idols West Africa was at his wonderful best when he performed at the grand finale of the Nigerian edition of the Idols – a performance that convinced all that witnessed the event that he was indeed fully loaded/strapped with the stuff idols are made of.

According to Timi, There is a Cry bothers on the ills and deprivation of the Niger Delta. “Port Harcourt was a very peaceful place when I was growing up and I miss those days” says Timi who hopes that There is a Cry will not only quicken the healing process of Victims of violence but also echo a loud cry for peace not only in the Niger Delta, but in Africa and the world at large.

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