TillaMan interview - FACTORY78 EXCLUSIVE

Nigerian/UK singing sensation Tillaman visited the factory78 studios in London during a recent trip for a candid discussion on what's been happening to him over the last year. He pours his heart out for the first time on the loss of his close friend and collaborator Da'grin , how it affected him personally and what it meant for the projects they were working on together. He uses his moment on the factory78 screen to mend bridges that had been previously burnt with former associates such as the group 166 family.

He also dispels any lingering rumours about him being refused entry back into the UK but he ends the interview on a high note with a sparkle in his eyes talking about his humbling experiences perfecting his craft in Nigeria and his soon to be released album. Tillaman sure has a lot to say in this revealing yet interesting interview with factory78.com.

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