It has come to our attention that some faceless individuals have been going about media house planting false stories that the highly respected and nationally-acclaimed band in Nigeria, Shuga Band has broken up with members moving out to start a new band.

We would not have bothered to dignify this with a response but for two reasons: reputable newspapers and journalists are beginning to take this as gospel truth without confirmation from us. Two, so that lie will not become the truth and the truth taken as lie.

For clarification purposes, the esteemed clients of Shuga Band and the public should note that no notable members of the band has left in the last three years or recently as reported. Secondly, the supposedly 'notable' member of Shuga Band said to have left to start his own band has never been a member less being 'notable'. He was just a fringe session man who gets to play with the band to keep body and soul together. How he became a 'top member' on whose shoulder the good fortune of the band rests as reported and planted by his publicist is now a wonder. And this person in question has not played with Shuga Band in the last three years. Within, these three years, Shuga Band has performed for President of the Federal Republic, Governors, at Mike Adenuga's daughter wedding and many notable events.

We know the game being played, these people are trying to sell their brand with the name of established and highly respected band, Shuga but we would like them note that it is totally out of character to push their brand by trying to pull Shuga Band down. Especially when they know that the CEO of Shuga Band would have gladly given his blessings and support has he has always done if such had been requested of him. It is a known fact in the industry that Shuga Band supports other bands especially those established by past members of the band. This is a dirty game of trying to pull established brand down or drag it to a media/dirty fight to give publicity to the said new band. We enjoin members of the press to do thorough investigations and make necessary enquiries and not be tool of propaganda in the hands of people with 'pull him down syndrome.'

We have detailed our lawyer to exploit every available legal means and appropriate channels to address these issues. He'll be getting in touch with the affected newspapers. Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for any enquiries. Our lines are opened to members of the press as always.

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