‘INALE’ MOST ENTERTAINING MOVIE IN 2011…Monaco Charity Film Festival

‘Inale’, the Nigerian family epic musical film made history recently as the first Nigerian movie to be invited to the annual Monaco Charity Film Festival held in Monaco, Monte Carlo. The movie which had seven nominations at the award won the Most Entertaining Movie, which is one of the two of the biggest awards at the festival.

Reacting to the award, the producer, Keke Bongos said ‘all the hard work is finally paying off, and the exposure of father’s (Bongos Ikwue) music to the world, which was the objective behind the creation of the film is highly fulfilling.

Present in Monaco to represent Inale were the producer, Keke Bongos, lead actor, Hakeem Kae Kazeem, and director of photography, James Costello. The viewers consisted of seasoned producers and directors, who could be considered to be the best of the best in the film industry from all around the world who all had nothing but praises for the movie. Brad Littlefield one of the Hollywood producers after seeing ‘Inale’ said “it is a beautiful feel good movie”.

Inale is a family epic musical film that tells a story of loyalty, bravery and valour, directed by Jeta Amata, produced by Keke Bongos, and has the legendary Bongos Ikwue as its executive producer. It takes us into the world of a beautiful princess, Inale (Caroline Chikezie), who wishes to marry her true love, Ode (Hakeem Kae Kazeem), through a wrestling contest she is expecting him to win, however, there is a very unexpected turn of events at the wrestling match, and just about everyone, including the royal family is forced to face one challenge after the other.

Come June 24th, 2011, ‘Inale’ will be released in the Silverbird Cinemas in Nigeria.

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