"I hang my celeb status at the door." - EGO

Ego Ogbaro is a Nigerian singer/songwriter who came into the limelight as Lagbaja's (the masked one) back up singer; she went solo after 12 years of service.

Yes, you know her! She's the one that got us all doing the "konko below" dance around 2002/03.

She is a simple, down-to-earth person who loves what she does. Speaking of what she does and happens to do well, Ego is currently working on a new video titled "I BELIEVE." Yesternight, Olamild Ent caught up with Ego to inquire about the upcoming project; here's what she revealed.

OE: Most people knew Ego and fell in love with her when she was with Lagbaja. They still love you--you went solo in 2009, correct?

Ego: 2007

OE: Okay! How has the journey been?

Ego: It was tough at first, but I thank God. I used what I learnt when I was with Lagbaja and it has been helping me.

OE: And what did you learn?

Ego: I learnt to be humble...not to take things for granted.

OE: I saw your "fall in love" video with Eldee. Was it the first solo video?


Ego: Yes

OE: Fantastic job on that video! You have another video on the way

Ego: Thanks, yes I do! The song is "I Believe" and it's a song of hope. The story is about all the violence going on; we wanted to show the effect on people, their lives, and to assure them that everything's gonna be fine.

OE: I saw still images of you in a mud house.

Ego: (laughs) yes! It was a nice location.

OE: Kemi Adetiba is the rave of the moment. How does it feel to be working with her on this project?

Ego: I worked with her on the first one and I feel very comfortable with her. She's very passionate about her work and I
admire that...very professional.

OE: Do you have a release date for the new video?

Ego: 2 weeks from now hopefully

OE: This video is a single from your forthcoming album, correct?

Ego: Yes and the album will be released very soon.

OE: I told people I was interviewing you. A fan named Tori Tseju says hello and wants to know the title of your solo project (album).

Ego: Title? hmmm I have some ideas, but I haven't decided.

OE: Okay! Let's talk about family for a minute. How do you balance being a wife with being a full time songstress?

Ego: I thank God; it's been easy managing it. My hubby understands my job, so that makes it okay. At the same time, I hang my celeb status at the door. (smiles)

OE: Aww...thank you so much for your time. I'll leave the rest for when I write an album review. Is there anything else you want to share?

Ego: I just want to say thank you to all my fans for hanging in there, supporting me, encouraging me, and loving me.

Still frames from EGO's new video, "I BELIEVE"

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Photo Credit: Kemi Adetiba

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