E Gimme Money - Midnight Crew ft. Gameman

The ever so popular group is at it again! Just when you thought they were having a holiday somewhere in the bahamas (lol), these guys don't understand the meaning of the word..REST! Working on an array of hit songs (like they always do), MIDNITE CREW is going heavily diversified!

Recently the group just completed the recording of 2 new songs with FLO and of course 'you know how flo does!'. Midnite Crew finally try their hands on ROCK!!! Beat that! The song titled 'E GIMME MONEY', show cases the men in the group taking charge like never before. The song features the rising Rap sensation 'GameMan'. Y'all just gotta hear this! The song is filled with an ear catching chorus, hook and persuasive melodies that will get you tap dancing all through the way! Check out 'E GIMME MONEY

Shout out to FLO for this one. >> http://soundcloud.com/flosproductions

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