Our attention has been drawn to one big fat lie published on the very notorious and credibility-deficient website, about our client, Mrs. Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, a highly respectable Nollywood actress. In the said damaging report that is being examined by our lawyer, the website claimed Mrs. Ekeinde is having a sizzling and immoral relationship with Dr. Taiwo Afolabi, CEO of Sifax based on the fact that sights her regularly at the Apapa office of Dr. Afolabi.

It is a big fat lie that Mrs. Ekeinde frequents the office of Dr. Afolabi, the major reason given for the said romance. She has NEVER being to the said office at all. Secondly, the Ekeindes and the Afolabis are family friends. Members of the families do exchange visits. Members of the Afolabi family do visit the Iba home of the Ekeinde often while the Ekeindes do the same. Captain Matthew Ekeinde and Dr. Afolabi are particularly fond of each other and do discuss at length when occasion permits. The last time Mrs. Ekeinde was at the Afolabi’s house was when she had a meeting with MRS. AFOLABI on participating in the highly publicized, Gaga4Fashion organized by the Afolabi’s children. It is an open knowledge that the families of Ekeinde and Afolabi have a long standing relationship and Capt. Ekeinde is particularly close to Dr. Afolabi.

This report is a hatchet job by Nigeriafilms and we have detailed our legal team to start legal proceedings against the website that has notoriety for plagiarism and is known not to have a single reporter based in Nigeria, the major country it covers. Nigeriafilms claimed it could not reach Omotola to confirm the story. Our firm, Bigsam Media and the website have a long standing relationship and open channel of communication; no representative of the website tried to contact us via phone or email. It is worrisome to note that a top executive of the website still spoke to our CEO on Monday concerning an advert deal we have with the website. No issue of Omotola was raised there or afterwards. For Nigeriafilms, we are not surprised at this brazen disregard for ethics of the noble profession, journalism and total disrespect for decency. The website has never been known for anything decent. It is a known fact that the website copy and pastes stories from other respectable websites without giving credit.

It is this same website that published a false story on an actor contracting HIV only for it to publish a rejoinder weeks after saying ‘sorry’ for the misinformation. This same website published several apologies concerning a story on another top actress for alleging she was involved in lesbianism. The company’s former reporter left the organization due to the fact that the website only wants false and negative stories on Nigerian celebs. We are not saying online journals should not do its job of reporting but we should endeavor to do our job within the line of decency and respect for the noble profession, journalism.

Nigeriafilms should learn from other respectable online journals that have been able to earn respect due to the professional way they conduct business. This website thrives on the fact that it is not based in Nigeria so it has perceptual immunity to damage reputation and still escapes the arms of the law. This time around, we are ready for them. They have bitten more than they can chew.

Story: BigSamMedia

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