The anticipated album - The OverFLO finally drops very soon!

The earnestly awaited album - The overFLO is finally getting to its final stages. Its just a matter of weeks before the album drops on all platforms!

The album (produced by FLO), features a few interesting artists such as the acclaimed Diva Yinka Davies, Michael Abdul of Midnite Crew and Soulful instrumentalist Sam Fred. The album is the first major release from the stables of this versatile producer and musical genius. The album consists of 14 tracks. Each track carries a unique 'flow' of its own. From rock to afro to pop, this maestro will keep you immersed in persuasive melodies, lyrics and intense lyrics. The maestro has been working on the album for over a year.

Finally the album will hit the viral and shops in a matter of weeks. This is one album you'd not want to pass! Keep your eyes on this page for more info on the album. Browse to the right hand side to hear the album! Visit FLO's reverbnation site for more zings on the album!

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