4 tips to cure bad breath.

Man, have you ever been around someone who’s breath is intolerable? Or maybe you are the one with the bad breath. It makes conversation really painful. You can practically taste those noxious fumes coming out of their mouth. And forget about kissing someone with bad breath.

Do not simply live with bad breath. For the most part, it can be cured or significantly altered. Remember, bad breath is not just socially unpleasant; it may be warning sign of undetected systemic disease.

Halitosis (bad breath) - an oral health condition characterized by consistently odorous breath. Here are four (4) steps that could help you improve the smell of your breath.

1: Keep Your Mouth Clean
Keep your mouth clean. That means a thorough brushing twice a day and flossing regularly. Food and bacteria trapped between teeth and at the gum line can only be removed with floss. If they're left to linger, bad breath is imminent.

2: Clean Your Tongue

Clean your tongue, too. Bacteria left on your tongue can contribute to less-than-fresh breath. Be sure to brush your tongue after you brush your teeth.

3: Wet Your Whistle

A dry mouth can quickly cause bad breath. Sali­va helps clean your mouth; it has a natural antibacterial action, and it washes away food particles. That awful morning breath is the result of reduced saliva flow at night.

4: Rinse

If nothing else, at least rinse your mouth with plain water after eating. Swishing the water around may help to remove some of the food particles left in the mouth after a meal and prevent bad breath from setting in.

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Good post guys, but why didn't you add more information about what type of toothpaste to use. Cheers

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