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Upcoming naija talent…stop waiting for a messiah to help your career, get up, get out and promote yourself. You have all the tools you need. You have direct access to your likely fan-base. Prepare, create, & promote. Your success lies in your ability to plan and achieve. People keep talking about money being an issue. It costs NOTHING to put music on FB, Twitter, Reverbnation etc. What else do u need 4 promo?

As a people we have this sad belief that people owe it to us to help us. In reality, nobody owes you shit. Successful men don’t have 2 brains. If everybody was out here looking for help, who would help you? Everywhere I go its "eLDee please help my career"…I feel your pain but I also believe that attitude is the reason why your career is dulling. You think it’s difficult to be an artist in Nigeria today? Ask tuface, Eedris, 2shots what they went through without these free tools.

Now as a Nigerian artist you have DIRECT access to millions of people. Find an interactive way to engage people & sell yourself to them. Don’t get caught up in the hype of Radio airplay as your ONLY means to promoting your music, Radio is just a part of it. Don’t allow yourself to be exploited by people who ask for money to play your music on radio, they're usually the ones that have no influence. Don’t fall prey to those asking you to pay for "alaba-mix". A lot of times people know your song but they don’t know you, weak promo strategy.

The fact that you’re getting heavy rotation on ONE radio station doesn’t mean you’ve done all the work. Lagos alone has over 20 stations. Spread out!!

Money 2 record & make CDs is only an issue if you don’t have a fund raising plan. Get a job, hustle, don’t just sit there waiting for a miracle. Tuface didn’t start off rich, neither did DonJazzy, neither did 9ice. And I don’t think anybody "helped" them become millionaires. #GrindItOut

There are proven steps to getting your music out there in Naija. If you follow the next few tips, you're well on your way...

1. Record a good song, Sample opinions from a bunch of people (friends &
strangers alike) and be sure at least 60% or more like the song.

Prepare yourself as a product. Work on your image and be sure you’re
"attractive" to the average person that comes across you or your music.

3. Get ready to perform. create performance routines, find an exciting
way to deliver ur song to any audience that will leave an impression.

Create an EPK (Electronic press kit) which includes good photos, a bio and ur
music. Make sure its of a size that can be sent as an email.

5. Once u
are SURE your song is good to go, make as many copies of your CD as possible.
I'd say at least 1,000 (Make sure your CD art has your info)

6. Create a
myspace, twitter, facebook fan page, reverbnation and upload your EPK to each of
them including your song, photos, bio etc.

7. Make a list of radio
stations within your reach. Start with regional promo; it’s easier to manage.
Nationwide can come later

8. Make a list of the nightclubs and places
where music is played publicly within your reach. Again,
regional promo is
easier to manage.

9. Make a list of DJs and Radio personalities within
your reach.

10. Every entertainment journalist that has a column in a
magazines or newspaper has an email address. Make a list of all of them.

11. Get all this lists you have compiled together and create a realistic
timeline of how long it will take to contact everybody.

12. Create an
email address and in the signature section, include all your twitter, fb,
reverbnation info and link to your song.

13. Send your EPK to every
contact on your list that you can reach via email and start booking
appointments for the ones u can’t reach.

14. Get your CDs to all the
Radio DJs, club DJs, bars, Night clubs, Radio stations, Radio personalities, and
everyone on your list.

15. Start your online campaign, start building
your fanbase by sending your music to people. Do everything in your power for
people to listen.

16. The goal is to get as many fans as possible, do
whatever it takes to get people to listen to ur music. If people like it, you're
good to go.

If you follow those steps, & people like your music, you're sure to get the music across to millions of fans over time. It won't happen overnight.

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great tips, and this is not restricted to music too.

I love this. Great advice.

I particularly dig: "Don’t get caught up in the hype of Radio airplay as your ONLY means to promoting your music, Radio is just a part of it. Don’t allow yourself to be exploited by people who ask for money to play your music on radio, they're usually the ones that have no influence."

Great tips for aspiring musicians.

Props and respect as always to Eldee.

Ditto Myne Whitman's sentiments.


Thanks Brov for this excellent tips! You are blessed...

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