Nigerian music has come of age, this you'll say is common knowledge. That our music is gradually gaining relevance in the western world is also a fact very few people will disagree with. However, even though the international community is ever ready to jump on planes to come to Africa to perform and rock stage, is their presence really felt in our industry? How have they contributed?

Well, music channels have established an African arm of the channels, even a couple of shows on radio have gotten on African radio all around the continent. However, international online portals and print media have never been behind the borders. It's therefore worthy of note and commendation to recognise the 1st International magazine to make a move to be part of the growth in the entertainment scene in Africa, welcome S.W.A.G.G!!!!!

S.W.A.G.G is hitting the continent of Africa, and the regional headquarters is going to be in Nigeria! The 1st international issue dropped this week with a dual cover that has Prodigy of Mobb Deep on one, and Ruggedman of Nigeria on the other. Introducing the magazine to Africa, Mr. Pocar Lee, the Zonal representative for Africa said:

"Hi, My name is Pocar Lee, I represent Swagg News International News Mag in Africa.

"Swagg News is a newspaper publication that originated in Toronto, Canada. We now print and distribute 60,000 Swagg News papers around the world to select markets and demographics. www.swaggnews.com is our website and is updated hourly. We are excited about this new development as we spread out to Africa. Swagg News features all the big named celebrities and super stars from entertainment, music and sports. So each month you can catch everything from all your latest international entertainment news, to in depth interviews with our who's who's of celebrity cover stories; or maybe just touch up your Swagg and get in tune with our latest fashion tips and updates. No matter what it is if it's Swagg approved, you're sure to find it each month in Swagg News.

We distribute to selected markets around the world with offices and representatives in Australia, Toronto, Los Angeles, Atlanta, New York and Nigeria.We are constantly growing. We have all-access coverage of special events like “Magic Convention (Las Vegas), “Project Show” (Las Vegas), “Bread and Butter Show” (Barcelona), “Superbowl weekend”, “NBA Allstar weekend”, “BET Awards”, “Juno Awards”, “MTV Awards”, “Memorial weekend” (Miami), “Labour Day”
and “Core DJ concerts.”

S.W.A.G.G was founded by Bruv Big Apple (the CEO), a topshot artiste promoter who resides in Georgetown Guyana. AnR Drekz from Sydney Australia is the Co CEO/Publisher. "Iam Brick" from Brooklyn New York is the swagg President. The saying at S.W.A.G.G goes, "if you don't know us, then HipHopDontKnowYou"

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This is Pocar Lee of SwaGG Africa. I love what i see on this site. Keep it up. Swaggnews Africa has come to stay and we bring to Africa Swagg tv, swagg radio, fashion, international traveling, swagggirlicious, swagg international shows/concerts, Promotion, Prints. We are not here, where in the world!! keep the good work Olamild EnT. We in SwaGG are Neck Up and Never waist down.

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