Ambassadors for Natures Gentle Touch Agbani Darego and Oluchi welcomed new students into the Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute a few days back. At an induction ceremony at the institute’s premises, the international supermodels informed the students on the huge financial opportunities in being professional hair stylists and advised them to make the best out of the opportunities that await them over the course of their training and after.

The ambassadors, who have worked with various renowned stylists from all over the world also gave the students tips on how to become successful professionals in the beauty and personal style industry. Delighted at the opportunity of meeting Nigeria’s famous Supermodels, the students used the avenue to tap into the experiences of these renowned style icons. There was a question and answer session as well as a one-on-one interaction between the students and the brand ambassadors. Within the few hours that the engagement took place, a wealth of knowledge and inside tips were shared with the students by Oluchi and Agbani Darego who matched the students curiosity and enthusiasm with their eagerness to share and impact knowledge from their wealth of experience.

Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute recently admitted a fresh batch of students who upon graduation will earn diplomas in Hair Designing and Artistry. The aspiring stylists came from different works of life and from different places, some as far as Port-Harcourt. Over a period of eight months they would be taught by accomplished hair stylists and instructors from different parts of the world. These instructors would deliver courses that are practical-oriented and rich in the latest hair care technology solutions and treatment.

Since it began operations in 2009, Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute has trained over 50 hair stylists who have gone ahead to establish successful careers, some of them beyond Nigeria.

The Institute offers courses for both practicing Stylists and those without any prior knowledge in the industry. Those without any previous experience in hair styling are enrolled in the Beginner’s Course which lasts for eight months. Internships in A-class salons and fieldwork are part of the program. During theoretical sessions, the students are exposed to hair chemistry, salon management, client care and consultations, while the practical sessions include styling techniques, chemical application, cutting techniques and other subjects. Short courses for practicing professionals run between 2 days to 4 weeks depending on the program, some of which might include advanced hair cutting, salon management and image management. The Natures Gentle Touch Hair Institute was established by personal style brand, Recare Limited to bridge the gap in beauty and style knowledge as well as offer a platform to empower individuals with practical skills that will give them a future and enable them to have a life.

Natures Gentle Touch is a multi-award winning hair and scalp solutions provider. In 2010 the Natures Gentle Touch No-Lye Kit Relaxer was named the City People Awards 2010 Relaxer of the Year, while the premium brand was also named the Beauty Brand of the Year at the ELOY Awards.

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