Moyeen: The Standard Deviation

Chemical engineer to turned singer has definitely opened a whole new world for the beautiful Moyeen. This budding Naija import is ready for what awaits her on the other side of this adventurous path. She has brought you “Follow My Dreams” and is creatively working to deliver the video of the one and only “Mr. Aristo”. Even though every community has one, the sultry songstress is ready to paint the picture to all of you of her “Mr. Aristo.”

Prepare yourselves for the project; she is steadily working in and out of the studio to bring you her best. With the delay of the release of her anticipated album, she is constantly aiming to deliver music with meaning and content. Even with the bulls on her back, her horns are clearly alert to her critics.

As you may know, the road to celebrity status is considered to be bittersweet. You better believe she has her naysayers but that doesn’t rectify that she is going to slow the ride to her dreams down! In respect to their pestilence and arrogant comments, we have come to believe that instead of choosing to drive the car to pursue their dreams. They have chosen to ride in the passenger seat with their high remarks to stigmatize the dream that has a space in her heart. But lo, and behold, she has placed them in the backseat, continuing the path of “Follow My Dreams”. My music lovers get ready to embrace the movement! Stay tuned!

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