I SEE LAGOS, A Greater Lagos with New Possibilities

A United Nations HABITAT Report, signed by the Executive Director of the UN-HABITAT, Mr. Joan Clos, titled: The State of African Cities 2010: Governance, Inequalities and Urban Land Market, earlier this year revealed that by 2015, the number of residents living in Lagos city will be 12.4million, making Lagos Africa

's largest in terms of population above Cairo in Egypt. This estimation is as a result of the rapidly growing flow of people from rural to urban areas.

The report also added that some 7 million Lagos residents commute to work by public transport or private vehicles and alerted on congestion in the public transportation system.

In the past, the public transportation system in Lagos was a far cry from what it is now. It was rugged, mortifying and unfashionable with so many commuters hustling to jump into moving buses, and a lot of business time wasted while commuting. Street urchins popularly called “Agbero” were another menace to the system as they harassed commuters, picked pockets and engaged in all sorts of mischievous activities to the detriment of a functional transport system in the State.

As part of its resolute effort to turn Lagos into a Mega City and improve business activities in the state, the Government launched the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in March 2007, orchestrating a new dimension to public transportation.

What more should we expect in 2011 and beyond? Perhaps the launch of the Lagos Light Rail projects? More recreation Parks for Lagosians to unwind? An improved security? A governance as solid as the pace Governor Babatunde Raji Fashola is setting?

“I See Lagos” is a call to all Lagosians, wherever they are in the world, to join in a collective visioning of a greater Lagos. No doubt, Lagos is more than a geographical space but a place for hopes, and a place where dreams can become reality.

This is a challenge to everyone who truly believes in the future of this great city to envision the Lagos they want to see. It is an opportunity for all outspoken Nigerians, Lagosians especially, to take up the call for change and make their dreams a reality through expression and networking.

To share your vision, visit: I SEE LAGOS http://www.iseelagos.org.ng or Join the FaceBook Group http://www.facebook.com/iseelagos

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#ISEELAGOS, a Lagos I can call home and a city I can be proud of :)

#ISEELAGOS, where people no longer have to worry about food and shelter

#ISEELAGOS where my creative friends residing there can produce beautiful things…

#ISEELAGOS where the right people get into position of authority


s the centre o

f prosperity and excellence 4 anyone especially we youths…” Share your vision


#ISEELAGOS “where you can not drop dirt on the road, where there is discipline

#ISEELAGOS, a functional megacity

#ISEELAGOS where every Lagosian is treated as human

#ISEELAGOS where every thing works

#ISEELAGOS, a pollution-free environment

#ISEELAGOS “I see a Multi-ethnic Lagos, that is the financial and cultural hub of black African Nations...”

#ISEELAGOS without health sector strikes

#ISEELAGOS where every man has learned to respect the rule of Law

#ISEELAGOS where there will be alternative routes to wherever one is going

#ISEELAGOS where you can walk around at night with no fear of getting robbed

#ISEELAGOS where all the graduates get employed automatically after service year...

Lagos is the centre of excellence. “Sure we all see Lagos...”

Stretch your ability to envision the possibilities and share your vision for Lagos. Join the conversation on FaceBook: http://www.facebook.com/iseelagos

visit our website: http://www.iseelagos.org.ng

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