Google Me...U dey make me go (koko) - Leo'nel

Leo’nel (Leonel Orji) is a Nigerian born Artist who started singing from a tender age, a fulltime singer, a part-time rapper, dancer and also an upcoming producer, after coming out with his first two singles titled Baby joo and I want you, he is coming out with two mixtape tracks titled U DEY MAKE ME GO (using Nicki Minaj's "your love" instrumental) and GOOGLE ME (using Drake's "find your love" instrumental) from his “THE ANTICIPATION” mixtape coming out later this year.

He is also working on more songs at the moment and possibly an album for the near future. Currently studying in the UK, just trying to do his best to break into the Nigerian Music industry.

Leo'nel - U dey make me go

Leo'nel - Google Me

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