Darey - Ba Ni Kidi (Official video) + Lyrics

A really fun song with plenty of energy, rhythm and non stop action! The vibe is addictive and sure to get you moving something!!!'Ba Ni Kidi' means 'Give MeThe Beat'. Directed &Produced by Mark Hofmeyr and Soul Muzik.

'Ba Ni Kidi', is an exciting and comical journey into a fantasy world, which pokes fun at the High and Mighty politicians and socialites.

This eclectic video borrows styles and influence from the American boardwalk sideshows of the early 1900's and infuses it with an undeniably African energy. The video follows a group of bystanders into a magical circus tent, where they are captivated by beautiful performers, exotic sideshow acts and ultimately hypnotized by the charismatic ringmaster. The video ends with the bewildered audience waking from their trance to find that they have been robbed
blind by my traveling charlatans. The circus has vanished, leaving nothing but a lone parrot, who mockingly squawks: "Ba Ni Kidi". The theme of the video is inspired by the humorous lyrics and infectious energy of this pounding dance track, which is sure to become an instant classic and club favorite.

Barka de taru en maza’n gari
Garin mun nan a han nun ku
Mun san bukan ku ai
Ku ne algoro mazaje
A chikin mazaje a kwai na maji
Tau, ka gan ku haka mazaje ni
Mun yada, mun yada, mun yada
Alaguro mai karfan giwa
Du kinda ka caka ya taku
Ko atarugu ka gi ya chiwu
Tau, Bisimillah

(English translation of Intro)
Greetings! Gathering of MEN!!
This town of ours is in your hands!
We recognize you all. You are the men of the day!
Amongst men there are men, amongst those there is a man.
This gathering as we see it is a gathering of men! Men indeed!!
Wherever you have stepped on leaves the footprints of an Elephant!!!
Even if you eat the hottest of peppers, nothing can harm you!!!!
Whatever you say is final!!!!

Verse 1
Suna na mallam Darey (my name is Darey)
ni ne yaron Art Alade ( the son of Art Alade)
na zo daga lagos (I’m from lagos)
But baba na daga Kogi (but my father is from Kogi)
Ahh sun bude baki (I See them with mouths agape)
Sauti na ta basu mamaki (My beats have surprised them!)
Mune muke wakan party (I’m the Entertainer at this party)
Haba ka sanni Alhaji (Don’t act like you don’t know me Alhaji? Or you know you know me Sir)

Bani kidi bani kidi bani kidi mallam
(na che)

(give me the beat Mallam/Mister)
(I said)

Verse 2
Sautin dadi mu ke ji (You can hear my sweet sounds)
Come kolo for this party (Get crazy at this party)
Put ya hand inside ya pocket (Dip your hands in your pockets)
And give us plenty money (And give us plenty of money)
Why? I wan buy am for Honda (Why? I want to buy a Honda)
Why? I want to go for London (Why? I want to travel to London)
Kai ya boy is hungry (Hey! Your boy is hungry)
No more question give us the money (No more questions, give us the money)

Bani kidi bani kidi bani kidi mallam(na che) (give me the beat Mallam/Mister)

Verse 3
Rankaya dede Alhaji Alhaja (Greetings Alhaji and Alhaja/ Sir and Madam)
Put ya money in the bowl (Put your money in the bowl)
House of rep or senator (Parliament member or Senator)
Put ya money in the bowl (Put your money in the bowl)
Excellency, Oga chairman (Your Excellency, Chairman)
Put ya money in the bowl (Put your money in the bowl)
No no no we no dey spray (No we don’t want you to spray us)
Just put ya money in the bowl (Just put your money in the bowl)

© Darey

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