Dance234…a dance reality show like never before

Come May 2011, young people and the not-so-young with talents to dance and dreams of attaining national recognition will have the chance to give their dreams major lift as KOGA Entertainment launches Dance234.
With daring payoff line ‘dance reality show like never before’ Dance234 is bringing a refreshingly new dimension to the dance reality industry. For the first time in the history of dance reality show, the focus will not mainly be on hip hop genre of music as most reality shows are known for.
According to Jemila Musa, the producer of the show, ‘this is the first time a dance reality show will be accommodating all genres of dance and according importance to them. ‘What we are looking for are pure dancers, we want you to come just the way you are. If the style of dance you are comfortable with is hip hop, galala, fuji , highlife, traditional dance or what have you, our doors are open. As a matter of fact, we are more than willing to accommodate a new style of dance. What we want are dancers in their purest form and people who can sufficiently express themselves through dance’.
The winner will be going home with a car, N1 000 000 (one million naira), and a dance course abroad, first and second runner-up will get a N1 000 000 and N750 000 respectively.
With the form going on sales from May 1 in all branches of Zenith Bank and audition commencing before the end of June, Dance234 will be moving with precision and purposes of fulfilling it promises of unearthing talented dancers and giving them a new lease of life.
Auditions will be opened to participants in Lagos, Benin, Abuja and Enugu in June while sales of forms at N3000 will start in the month of May nation-wide in all branches of Zenith Banks.
Twenty finalists will emerge at the end of tasking auditions which will take place in four states and will go through the most lively and entertaining twenty-week of their lives with eviction taking place weekly. With plans to air the reality show on TV stations across federation, dancers will not only be in the spotlight, they will have more-than-big-enough platforms to showcase their talents.
KOGA Entertainment is a complete entertainment outfit with four up-to-date visual studios, a digital and analogue studio, a large capacity hall, up to date movie and commercial making-equipments and a content-generating department for TV, radio and commercials.
KOGA with war-chest-like budget and expertise of Jemila Musa, who has worked on a number of dance-related reality shows, Dance234 promises to be a blast from the word ‘go’.

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