Naima Adedapo rains reggae on 'Umbrella'

Naima Adedapo goes with Rihanna's Umbrella and gets paired with Tricky, who worked on the song. Tricky says the song's a great fit from her. Jimmy Iovine thinks she's got Top 5 potential.

Naima's performance is wildly uneven. It starts off strong but goes flat in its second section. She does a bit of dancehall toasting in the middle before pulling back into the song. It's adventurous, for sure, especially when the song's interrupted by a lightning flash and thunderbolt on the video screen behind her.

"You're crazy good," Steven tells her, though a little pitchy. "You brought flavor tonight that no one else has done. ... I adore you for that."

"I don't care about all that pitchy -- you got fire, girl," Jennifer says. "You're doing it like stars do it. ... You need to work on the control."

Randy reiterates how much she needs to control her pitch and her cut-offs when she's doing the dance moves. But he loved the reggae arrangement.

Source: idolchatter

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