Music Aid For Jos .....A call to action!!!

Music Aid 2011 - World Concert Day - is on 25 June 2011.

This exciting global benefit event supports great causes and celebrates the nations involved by shining a spotlight on each country's music, culture and top performers. Starting in the east it follows the time zones through Asia, Africa, South America and the USA to end in Vancouver, Canada.

Helping children in need is one of the main aims of Music Aid 2011 and the world renowned Grammy nominees The African Children's Choir, will perform at the event to raise awareness and funds for the world's 12 million aids orphans. They performed at Live 8 sharing the stage with Paul McCartney and Mariah Carey and they will be taking part in the finale at Music Aid 2011 sharing the stage with the headliners. Many of the artists taking part in Music Aid 2011 will be promoting and representing their own favorite causes, charities and foundations.

In Nigeria,Music Aid is partnering with Chocolate City, Tirquan Connects and several other music companies and top rated Nigerian Artistes to address the Jos crises that has displaced over 350,000 people and left over 10,000 children orphaned,changing Jos from a land of peace and tourism to a land of mayhem.

We aim to use music as a means to draw attention to the ongoing crisis in Jos which has affected thousands of children and raise awareness about the delicate situation therein by highlighting what it could portend for Nigeria as a whole if the situation is not handled properly.This is a private initiative with no religious or political undertones.

To this end we aim to raise funds to be channeled towards rebuilding schools, raising scholarship and providing the essential needs for the many orphans who largely are victims of the Jos crises.
Our cause therefore is to support such through MUSIC which will bring us together in one harmonic symphony to help us AID humanity through MUSIC!

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