Get on cloud 9 with IBK.

If you still haven't heard er IBK(spaceshipboi), allow me to introduce to you the producer, singer, rapper, song-writer from outter space. Yup! The energy he brings when he's on the microphone is just beyond this planet, one can only wonder what part of space he's from.

Dude is on a mission, and it is to win souls for Christ. He is to gospel - what icing is to your birthday cake. You have got to be on cloud nine to get a grasp of the message he's trying to pass-- IBK is a plethora of talent.

This 0:57 sec piece would make you have faith and proud to be a Nigerian. The "elele" chant is guaranteed to take you straight to the heavenly'.

This piece was written, produced and performed by IBK--extra vocals with the southern african type er harmony also by IBK. This is another musical piece to digest while we wait for the album in july.

only 1 jehovah that there be if
shall agree,they rewriting history plus
father,son and the spirit be in me so
faith grows I suppose, geometrically oooh
His grace is suffient to see you through
I'm a man and I fall but I know this
His seed of perfection be in me and
a new begining Nigeria you feeling me
pray for the doctor, show em how to heal me
and the teacher show em how to teach me
pray for the lawyer, lord he gat ta defend me
and the police man show em how to protect me
we need your spirit lord cause we're runing on empty
can I live? no one man can stop me
should I give? just like your son died for me
it's kinda hard loving people who don't even love me.

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Soul food is what this is. #genius inspiring

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