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On Thursday March 3, 2011 the total number of contestants at this year’s edition of Nigerian Idol reduced from five to four after Glory was evicted from the popular music franchise show

The 400 level undergraduate of University of Abuja was the contestant with the lowest public votes.

Glory Oriakhi, 22, did not just stumble into music. Her parents met and married as members of the Deeper Life Church Choir. So it is not much of a surprise that she started singing at the church Choir at the tender age of 5.

In the usual manner, Glory was given the chance to perform one more time before leaving the Idols stage. She performed “Joromi” by Sir Victor Uwaifo while the other contestants backed her up. As she made to leave the stage, all the other contestants especially Bibi broke into uncontrollable tears, and refused to leave even after the camera lights went dim.

“Idols has been a big training ground for me, I’m eternally grateful to everyone that brought me this far, this is the beginning of good things for me” Glory said after she was announced the contestant with the lowest votes.

Glory emerged the contestant with the second highest votes alongside her childhood friend Bibi on December 30, 2010, and has since then been penciled down as one of the contestants with the potentials of being the first Nigerian Idol. Infact during ABBA week, Audu stated “Glory, since the beginning of this competition, your performances have been so believable, and you have been consistent, I am happy you’re growing, you will definitely go far”

With Glory out of the picture and with four finalists remaining the heat is definitely on as the final performance night on March 27 gets closer and closer. The pressure is already telling on the contestants with frayed nerves. At this stage of the competition one thing is for sure, all the contestants are good but the winner will be the one who can soak in the pressure and turn it into convincing and commanding performances. Which contestant will that be? Guess you have to keep watching Nigerian Idol down to the last show.

Meanwhile, this weekend, the remaining finalists will be performing purely African songs!

Tagged African week, the show will take an all new dimension this week as contestants will perform songs by Africans who have made a mark all over the world.

Since the show entered its final leg, the contestants have followed different themes for their performances. They’ve had disco week, Movie Soundtrack week, Abba week, Michael Jackson week, Nigerian week and American legend week.

According to Rotimi Pedro Managing Director of Optima Media Group “Africa is our root; this contestants have done well with disco songs, Abba songs and other songs. The week they sang Nigerian songs, I was totally blown off, I am expecting a lot this Sunday, I have watched them rehearse, and all I can say is that viewers should expect to be entertained”

Obviously the highlight of the evening will be when the contestants perform My African Dream by Vicki Samson together.

“I am looking forward to this performance, been fitting for costumes with the designer, and I am really excited about everything” Audience favorite Naomi Mac says

Ten finalists with the lowest public votes have been eliminated from the contest and as the show gets hotter, the curiosity as to who will become winner has reached high points.

The public have had the fine opportunity of watching the contestants grow from wannabe hopefuls into performing artistes and good song writers weekly. This feature re-instates the fact that Nigerian Idol is not the regular run-of-the-mill talent show where wannabes are placed on air just for entertainment sake but a training ground where raw talents are molded into young and bright stars

With Nigerian Idol being its first season, the franchise show is setting records as the winner will drive home a brand new car in addition to the grand prize of 7.5 million Naira and a record deal. In addition, the winner will go home with a Sony 3D Home Entertainment System and an all expense paid trip to South Africa courtesy of Etisalat, Pepsi, Sony, Royal Exchange and Tom Tom

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