Eva is the next best female MC?

Often times, new acts are tagged 'the future' or the 'next best thing.' Do not call Eva the next best female rapper! She's so sick, she's nicki minaj type of hot--lyrics so hot, you can totally roast corns with it. It's safe to say she is what M.I Abaga is to the Nigerian rap industry.

Born Eva Alordiah to Nigerian parents, she picked up many acts growing up and was involved in one form of entertainment or the other.

She studied Computer Science and information Technology at Bowen University, one of Nigeria's leading private institutions. In school she performed as a dancer and entertained the school crowd every chance she got. She however decided to pursue music in 2004 and teamed up with producer, Zdon Paporella but never recorded a song until 2008 after teaming up with Capital hill producer, Tha Suspect. Together they recorded Eva's first solo effort as a rapper, remaking the famous "Safe" single done by M.I over Lil Wayne's "A millie" instrumental. This brought her into the limelight, earning her massive radio play in and outside Lagos.

Collaborating with Cartiair in 2009, she was featured on the remix of the popular 'Owo ati Swagger' single which went on to become a massive top chatting hit, with a Clarence Peters directed video which put Eva on T.v. She has gained a wide internet acceptance and built for herself a reasonably large fan base. She has since worked collaboratively with Knighthouse, Kel, Wizkid, Tha Suspect, Str8buttah, Eldee, M.I, Illbliss, Id Cabasa, Mo Chedda, amongst others.

Eva, who is now a graduate with a B.Sc Degree in Computer Science has settled fully to work on her music. Yet to be signed to a record label, Eva continues to work with producers to create relevant material and keep her music out for everyone. With the recent release of the single "Relentless", she continues to strive for more as the demand for her music increases.

'I done did it' is her latest work, it was produced by sosick. What do you think?

Download track (here)

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