11 things to do during the 2011 elections.

The elections will take place as follows:

Saturday April 9, 2011 - National Assembly Elections
Saturday April 16, 2011 - Presidential Election
Saturday April 23, 2011 - State Governorship/House of Assembly Elections

On election days, movement of vehicles will be restricted. Only emergency services may be permitted. Routine operational services (for example: airport shuttle buses) will not run. People are expected to move only within their neighborhoods to polling booth for accreditation and voting. it is expected that the National Security Personnel will be on high alert. They will be present at polling booths and several locations across the country.

The following is advised during the period:

(1) Make extra provisions for basic home needs before election days.

(2) Make sure a relative or friend knows where you are at any time.

(3) On the election days, avoid travel or movements outside where you have registered. Should you need to travel to another town to participate in the elections, do so before the election day.

(4) Do not participate in public debates, campaign for candidates or attempt to influence voters or electoral officers. Quietly perform your civic duties and go home.

(5) Avoid crowds, rallies and processions.

(6) Avoid chatting with strangers.

(7) Restrict movements on the Sunday after elections. Don't linger around churches or public places after service or social events.

(8) Listen often to the news on radio and/or television.

(9) Be alert to happenings around your neighbourhood.

(10) Plan for and deploy critical business needs before the elections.

(11) Avoid non-essential travels throughout the election period.

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