Valentine's Day Tip from Enitan Bereola

Valentine's Day is approaching & the concept of Love is being mimicked by Lust but Love can be heard when muted & tasted without a tongue - its authenticity can’t be forged. Infatuation is falling in Lust without Love, but you don't have to. Don't hate on love - that's an oxymoron. No need to be a single moron. If you're alone, celebrate self love & love of family & friends.

Tips for women: When you love you, Men love you. Also, remember ladies, that when you seek after bad boys, don't complain when they do bad boy things to you. You get what you go after.

Tips for men: Don't take a woman on an emotional journey if you're not prepared to accompany her. Also, fellas, the only thing you should change about a good woman is her last name.

LADIES' & GENTLEMAN'S TIP: You’ve found your soul-mate when beauty isn’t beautiful w/o him or her ... when sunsets, wine & celebrations are no longer enjoyable alone.

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