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Tenin Baba Ndanani possesses, at 23 years old, what some work to develop their entire lives..true and undeniable star quality. With vocal chops to blow the roof off and an infectious stage presence, Tenin is paced to accomplish great things...really soon.

As a child in Harlem, NY, Tenin was raised with the sounds of Anita Baker, Sting, Chaka Khan, Sade, Whitney Houston and Stevie Wonder. Those influences flanked by that of her pianist and Gospel/Classical vocalist mother, and Nigerian actor/model dad, helped Tenin to develop a love for music (and for the camera) at a young age. After her family relocated to Plainfield, NJ, and while a faithful member of the church choir, Tenin began performing with a local children's theatre group. It was there (as a little girl cast in an adult male role) that her innate comedic ability became evident.

I can say for sure that I'm looking forward to more of her works. Enjoy the songs.

I Remember
More & More

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