Introducing God's Child

Olfranck 'God's Child' Kabue is an Afro-Canadian Hip Hop artist who was born in the Congo and was born with musical talent from the womb. He has been stirring the musical world with various sounds such as Hip hop, Reggae, House and much more, he is not about to stop anything soon.

With a brand new song titled 'Cant Stop Now', he is showing the world that if you work hard and you keep God in your heart, you can make it. ''Always remember to not stop until you achieve your goals'' is what he would say.

He is also the president of a foundation called VITA which the abbreviation stands for Violence Isnt The Answer which helps youth to do positivity through various forms of art such as choreography, graffiti, song writing and beat making.

With a great musical career and with determination of a leader, he is willing and ready to take it to another level and he Cant Stop Now. He hosts The Gospel Unlimited Show every Saturday morning from 10 am to noon on CJLO and brings his energetic fire to the table.

With songs rotating in Jamaica and other parts of the world, he is working hard till he reaches the top. As he would say ''My mission is that everyone i meet would remember the greatness, the smile and the positivity i bring''. He's working on a upcoming album with various different talented artists.

Keep your ears and eyes open as this multi talented young man will bring some new vibes on the air waves with his music and also change the world with his versitility.

God's Child - Can't Stop Now

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