Get on CAPITAL FEMI's Playlist

R and B Maestro, Femi Adeyinka, plans to show a lucky female what it means to be on his playlist.

Femi came home to Nigeria in October 2009 with a song Never Felt a Love and a lot of fire burning in his veins to conquer the Nigerian market. Since then he has collaborated with Ego of Lagbaja fame in “Mapami” and Idris AbdulKareem in “Baby I got (money,money,money) and has subsequently released 2 new singles CAPITAL FEMI and PLAYLIST, all songs from his upcoming album

Playlist a single recently released by the Ogun state born R and B crooner Encourages music lovers to support good music and put it on their playlist. As a man who leads by example Femi Adeyinka wants to show his fans how to put it on your play list.

How to participate: Females who reside in Lagos, must answer the following questions correctly via email.

  1. What is the name of his upcoming album?
  2. What is the title of his first single
  3. What record label is he signed on to?
  4. He is related to a very popular comedian, who?
  5. Write a short Val message to CAPITAL FEMI.

All answers should be sent to Entries will close by Thursday the 17th February 2011

What they win:

  1. A lunch date with CAPITAL F.E.M.I at a very classy upscale restaurant on Saturday the 19th of February 2011
  2. A cake
  3. A valentine present.
  4. Chauffeur driven from her house to the venue

This date would be covered by Soundcity Television and would be aired on TV.

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