Dampte Reacts/Writes Against Clamour For A New 'PMAN' By Banky W and Others.

Recording artiste and Record label co - owner Dampte has reacted to the call by a section of Nigerian artistes for a new body to represent the Nigerian musician since the present and newly elected executive at PMAN have failed to deliver as true representative of the industry. Banky W, eLdee the don, Ice prince and others were invited to the election of PMAN executives and leadership that took place in Osogbo. The aftermath of the elections was a piece by singer Banky W which he titled Keep The Change (A PMAN TALE) (Read here)

Dampte is known for his hit collaboration with singer YQ titled 'wine your tinkolo', The recording Nigerian artiste is also an ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers ) member.

Dampte writes a two part piece exclusive to Questionmarkmag.com reacting to the very content and solution proposed. He delivers a personal write up where he says: "Mr. Wellington and his gangs hiding under the umbrella of the new generation of Nigerian artistes seek to throw away our culture, throw out our rights which we fought for with tears and blood. Maybe not tears and blood but it really doesn’t matter. The fact remains the coupists have thrown out all the principles of civilization. For an instance, let’s pretend Abubakar Atiku has the same thinking process as my well travelled, learned and best selling colleague Banky W, Nigeria as we know it would be in CHAOS."

The full text of Dampte's piece titled PMAN: A LOST TALE (Part 1) can be read at http://questionmarkmag.com/2011/02/pman-a-lost-tale-part-1-by-dampte/.

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