Critically acclaimed, R&B star Femi Adeyinka, has officially dropped 2 singles from his much anticipated 2011 Album, CAPITAL F.E.M.I, “The year of R and B”.

Femi came home to Nigeria in October 2009 with a song Never Felt a Love and a lot of fire burning in his veins to conquer the Nigerian market. Since then he has collaborated with Ego of Lagbaja fame in “Mapami” and Idris AbdulKareem in “Baby I got (money,money,money) He is currently signed on to Kennis Music with whom he is set to make a huge statement in the annals of Nigerian and International music.

His debut single Never Felt a Love has reached the number I spot on Channel O Africa

And has been rising on the Nigezie top 10, Soundcity top 10, MTN Yello top 10, and on MTV BASE top 10. His album CAPITAL F.E.M.I, “The year of R and B” which is said to be the most anticipated RnB album of 2011” promises to be a major source of entertainment for his fans as it features various hit tracks.

Playlist and CAPITAL F.E.M.I shows the versatility of Femi as he experiments with beats, new sounds, song themes, concepts and still maintains that distinctive element of music that can only be attributed to Femi. The songs were produced by Sunny MasterKraft Nweke.

Playlist: Encourages music lovers to support good music and put it on their playlist. Even with the up tempo dance beat, Femi is very relaxed doing what he knows best, stringing various R and B tunes with a combination of dance tunes. The dramatic fusion of the instrumentals is a classic, a feat that can only be achieved by the CAPITAL F.E. M.I

CAPITAL F.E.M.I: This song which also inspired the title of the album is an in-depth introduction of the brand, Capital FEMI, telling us of his green white green roots despite spending most of his years in the United States.

This song delivered in a rhythmic sing along beat that is peculiar to F.E.M .I, from the intro of the song it is clear that its purpose is to make one forget their worries and sway to the rhythm dancing and rocking away. The chorus is distinctive and can only be classified as brilliant for the methodological combination of beats

The songs are a blend of major genres of music which will appeal to all music lovers irrespective of favorite genre of music, age and gender.

Femi believes that to have a global impact, you need to have a home base and this has inspired him to come back home to his motherland, Nigeria to build from base up. Femi is blessed with a powerful soul voice and has got what it takes to be successful in the mainstream market.


Femi - Playlist

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