LAGOS, NIGERIA —Nollywood A-list Actress Stephanie Okereke was recently in the press with negative perceptions about her engagement to

Chief Executive of Del-York International Linus Idahosa.

Stephanie Okereke is engaged and scheduled to wed Linus Idahosa of Del York International. The wedding and marriage plans are going along smoothly and on schedule. We are officially dispelling any news to the contrary.

My fiancé's family and I are very close that the issue of not wanting the relationship is absolutely false. I really do wonder how these stories get started. For the record, my relationship is solid. My fiancé’s parents are wonderful people who are very much happy with our relationship. I hope I don't get to address this issue ever again”- Stephanie Okereke

Stephanie Okereke had an extraordinarily busy 2010 with several cover stories, working with Meryl Streep in the stage play Seven and screening her film "Through the Glass" in different theaters around the world. With one of the fastest growing facebook fan pages of an African Actress (over 278,000 and counting,), Stephanie is preparing well for 2011 with a new photoshoot to kick off the year and some major North American feature editorials already lined up. This year, Stephanie will focus on her Philanthropy work with VVF. We look forward to sending you updates.


Stephanie Okereke came into the Nollywood scene in 1997 as a student at the University of Calabar. After graduating, her thirst for an acting career propelled her into Nollywood full-time. Stephanie made her mark with the movie Emotional Crack which premiered at the African Film festival in April 2004. With Over 90 films to her name, Stephanie Okereke is continually building her brand in the movie industry. A graduate of the New York Film Academy, Stephanie has expanded her title to include director, producer and writer with the introduction of her latest movie:Through the Glass which premiered at the Silver Screen Theater of the Pacific Design Center on October 18th 2008 in Hollywood, California, and premiered across theaters in Nigeria on September 16th 2009 to record topping viewings and now at the Cannes Festival.

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