The Oshadipe Twins are back on the music scene.

Taiye and Kehinde Oshadipe are sensational and dynamic set of identical twins whose major hobby is performing through songs: Inspirational, Contemporary. Nigerians, born and bred in Lagos but a native of Ondo-State (Akungba Akoko).

They started singing from the church and were formerly called ‘The Angelic Voices’ but later settled for the ‘Oshadipetwins’ when it was time for their debut album. Oshadipetwins as they are fondly called by fans have at present two albums to their credit: debut; ‘Jesus came to Africa’ Produced in 1999 and ‘I am the child of I am’, Produced in 2001.

Chief Segun Odegbami, Late Evang. Sunny Okosuns, Capt. Jide George, Yemi Sodimu among others were charismatic intellectuals that have been instrumental to their Success.

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