Kahli Abdu's Fela inspired mixtape Ministry of Corruption

Kahli Abdu recently released his new mixtape Ministry of Corruption, which is inspired in several ways by the great Fela Kuti. Every track samples a song from the Afro Beat legend and Kahli speaks about issues going around him, in politics and around the world.

The album features production from Chopsticks (Jos), Charlie X (Lagos), and Chief Wilis (Brooklyn, NY) and has several guest appearances including Eve Urrah, Geniuz, Grip Boyz, Suranu, and more.

Born and raised in Jos, Kahli has spent several years in Washington D.C. and is currently setting up a tour in the U.S. and working on his next full album. These are times that we need an outspoken leader with international appeal and an ability to reach different age ranges to spread awareness of some of the issues that are going on in Nigeria.

Download 13 track album (here)

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