Is effizy a bad thing?

I have been thinking about this issue for quite a while, since last year to be quite precise.

This “stirring” in my mind reached its peak when, late last year, news broke on twitter about Nigerian parents who paid, I believe, $100,000 to have Rick Ross perform at their 10 year old son’s birthday party in Abuja. A lot was said: from how this was highly irresponsible of the parents, why should a 10 year old should even be listening to Rick Ross’s music in the first place, to what kind of message are the parents trying to send.

In playing devils advocate, I couldn’t help but wonder why that is a bad thing? I understand that 90% of Nigerians live in poverty, but don’t the child’s parents have a right to spend their money as they please? And for those who may assume that the money was gotten illegally or stolen, how do we know that? Do we have any proof? For all we know, the child’s parents might have worked hard for their money.

And it got me thinking, why do some people take offense when a woman wants to rub it in our faces by showing off her $150,000 Birkin bag or spend 150,000 naira on her Brazilian or Peruvian weave? Why should we take offence if Kanye West chooses to splurge $180,000 on his Tiret wristwatch? Why should I even groan when someone buys a 50 room mansion for 100 million dollars? Isn’t it the person’s money? Left to me, regardless of how I may feel, people are free to do as they please.

I guess we have been socialized to show displeasure and distaste for certain types of “excess”. For whatever reason, there are just certain behaviors that most people will not condone, regardless of religion, ethnicity, social class, or education.

So I decided to ask what Olamild Ent readers feel. Is effizy a bad thing? Please do share your thoughts.

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I really like this piece although my opinion differs a tad bit. I don't think efizzy is wrong until it becomes too much. I am of the motion that if you have something, you should flaunt it but not when it's irrational.

Why would/should anyone spend $100,000 to invite the big boss to a 10 year old's party? That is just senseless and a waste of money.

@ Anonymous, thanks so much for sharing your opinion. I totally get your point.

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