EFA releases introspective debut single, E.F.A.

Efa (real name Efa Iwara) is a prolific rapper, Hip-Hop enthusiast and actor.

Born in the ancient city of Ibadan, Oyo State, he discovered he had a passion for rap at a rather young age going on to write his first verse by the time he turned nine. It helped that his elder brother Kebee was a consummate consumer of Hip-Hop music and a budding artiste himself. Efa however didn’t start writing seriously until he was in SS2 in the International School in Ibadan.

After high school, he gained admission into the University of Ibadan to study Geography. While there, he met up with E.Y.M.E. (Bolaji Iwayemi) who in turn introduced him to a young producer named DJ Klem. Together with two other friends they formed a group called X-Factor. They recorded several singles one of which shot to the top of the Naija Charts on BCOS Ibadan. After a while, the artistes grew apart as they were headed in different directions and the group split up.

Things were to go from bad to worse for him for right after the group disbanded, Efa lost his sister in 2007. Needless to say, his music took a backstage at this point as he mourned. It took the intervention of a close friend to reignite his passion for music and get him back into the studio. Efa went back to writing and recording with his former group member DJ Klem. Together, they recorded Kwenu, a single which, despite its unreleased status, went on to feature prominently in NYSC camps in Western Nigeria in 2008.

A year later, a chance encounter with Ibadan-based femcee Blaise, who used to record with his brother, set him on the course to meeting his present manager Bayo Omisore who heard his music and took him under his wings. Bayo saw in Efa raw talent that still needed molding and he set about showing him the ropes in an industry that is far from structured. In a bid to discover how well he had developed since signing to Jus’ Kiddin’, he was enrolled in the Peak Talent Show where he was one of the final six at the Ibadan Zone, the only rapper to achieve that feat.

Efa, who hails from Ugep in Cross River State, describes himself as having two personalities; there is the introverted family guy who loves to stay indoors and watch movies with family and close friends and his alter ego (the rapper Efa) who is very unpredictable and likes to let his mind explore and expand.

Efa’s main forte is storytelling. Through his rhymes you feel his struggle as an upcoming rapper; his experiences with love won and lost. He pours his heart into his music taking you on a musical journey with him. His lyrics make you laugh and want to have a good time, while at the same time make you reflect. With influences like Nas, Jay Z, Biggie, 2Pac, Jadakiss, Eminem, Modenine and Trybesmen, he infuses the two best things a rapper can bring to the table; a well-scripted story and wicked punchlines.

With a debut album due out in 2011, Efa will be releasing singles and remixes from the summer of 2010 to introduce himself to the Nigerian market with a view to taking on the world in the next few years. E.F.A. deviates from what we've seen in his body of work so far. We see EFA drop the playful and loving demeanor for a more rough edged foray into the struggle that has come to make up the fast rising MC we see today. It was produced by uber-talented Knighthouse producer, DJ Klem.

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