E-Box Launches Fashion and lifestyle programme.

The official press launch of the brand took place at the Lagos Oriental hotel, 3 lekki road on the 31st December, bringing the year to a successful end with the birth of a new programme. E-box is a new, fresh and exciting programme with a special focus on lifestyle, music and fashion. This programme which is produced by Entertainment Afrique would cover various segments of the en

tertainment industry and also provide detailed information of life style activities all around the world.

The emergence of e-box undoubtedly will re-shape the landscape of the Nigerian entertainment industry as it is positioned to provide entertainment for the young and the young at heart. Billed to be aired on Silverbird Television on Thursday at 9.30 – 10pm and Super screen on Wednesday at 6.30-7.00pm as well as on HITV. The programme would be segmented into various parts namely Close up, Take 3, E news, Pret a port and E –access. These segments cut across all targets therefore not limiting it to any class; it is both a mass market and high net worth brand.

Close Up focuses on interviews with celebrities and stars with the aim of showcasing their lifestyle, unheard stories and how they made it to stardom. Take 3 is targeted at the music industry, and the top 3 songs topping the airwaves

E-news is news from around globe, creating awareness and disseminating information. Pret – a –port is the fashion segment, bringing in reports from the fashion world. E- access brings the red carpet to life and total access to all the events.

Ebox is a brand from the stable of Entertainment Afrique a parent company of Ebox with a mission to entertain and enlighten our world in all round manner inspiring moments of optimism and happiness through unique and engaging programs and a vision is to be a global enterprise with an exceptional passion for excellent service delivery in the entertainment industry, maintaining high corporate governance and social responsibility

Entertainment Afrique is one of the fastest growing entertainment companies in Nigeria, and was incorporated in Nigeria in 2010 by a team of young professionals with core values such as exc

ellence, accountability etc under the direction of its group chairman Elder Samuel O Enyinnaya to provide unique and captivating entertainment programs globally.

The brand e-box is a 30 minute magazine styled programme that is a fusion of all the elements of entertainment

which are music, movies, sports, lifestyle, book reviews, fashion, as opposed to what is currently being aired on TV, it has a an advantage of sensational touch an array of fresh, new, exciting and fashionable personalities. The fast paced style of the brand makes it a modern day TV show and can be positioned with its foreign counterparts.

Competitive Advantage
As TV stations continue to feed in more local contents in their programme menu, there is a question of whether some of them are in alignment with the value of the people, a good content is a constellation of quality picture, and good scripting based on values and creativity. That opinion seems subjective as most experts in Tv productions are far from impressed with the quality of programmes that have taken the place of the foreign programmes on air.

With the emergence of our highly qualitative entertaining Television content Ebox, As it intends to feel the vacuum and meet and surpass the demands and expectation of the Nigerian and international viewers, with a team of creative seasoned producers, To raise the bar in the entertainment industry is a goal of the brand.

E-Box like every brand has come to the market with a lot of advantages, such job opportunity, and is also adversely contributing to the economy of the nation by taxes, and also providing a platform for the youth and a means for which their passion could be channeled into productivity.

The brand E-box is run by a group of talented individuals who are persistently working to provide an edge and flavor to the Nigerian entertainment industry.

Obioma Enyinnaya: Head of IT is a young professional with vast experience in the information technology field, a feat achieved even though quite young in age. Pulling in work experiences from Schlumberger Oil service Company, SWIES, SWEP, it is obvious Obioma has the technicalities and the know how to ensure to run the ebox to achieve its goals and vision. With a degree in Electrical Electronics Engineering, Obioma joins the entertainment industry with a goal of delivering maximum satisfaction to its target market.

Olamide Oshoffa : Chief Operating officer, has cut his teeth in the advertising, print media production, content development areas of the entertainment industry. He has worked infront and behind the camera therefore giving him extensive knowledge in content development and ensuring viewership.

A graduate of English literature from the University of Lagos and various certifications in broadcasting by BBC world service has handled several projects in the entertainment industry which certainly earns him his position as the C.O.O. With experiences from Soundcity, Radio Vision, Royal Roots, The Opal Tv show amongst many others Entertainment Afrique is sure to provide quality and quantitative materials to achieve its mission.

The chairman Elder Samuel O Enyinnaya a distinguished financial expert, who obtained a Master of Science degree in Finance from Strathclyde University, Scotland. Elder Samuel has made a mark in the financial world and is a fellow to the following prestigious professional bodies Association of certified chartered accountants, England, Institute of chartered accountants, Nigeria.

With over 25years financial work experience, he is set to make a mark in the entertainment industry, bringing in his financial expertise and corporate governance.

Entertainment Afrique hopes to redefine the entertainment industry in Nigeria and subsequently Africa, and provide a one stop avenue for Our entertainment needs.


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