This is the first NKWO collection in a year and a half. The company has been through some major changes and the design philosophy is now centred around caring about the impact running the label has on the environment. One of the new key features is the ‘one- collection’ where waste is controlled by producing one major collection a year. The collections relate more to social causes and the importance of giving back by supporting and raising the awareness of issues that affect the society.

The Collection 2011 is called 'Happy Lives Here' . It was inspired by the sad realities of the world… Nkwo watched the documentary on the 'child witches' of Nigeria and just could not get the images of children being tortured and mutilated out of her head, coupled with the death of her very close friend, she needed to escape to a place that makes her happy and that is what she has done with the collection.

Nkwo has used colours and fabrics that evoke happy childhood memories like the broidery

anglais, the cotton batik prints and the gingham check. The graphic black and white that runs through the collection was inspired by Masai blankets and represents a safe and happy place and used with the bold bright colours it is a nod to the style and design of the '60s. The shapes are simple with clean lines, and once again we see the signature silks wraps and 'braided batik' which features as embellishments, neck pieces and outerwear.

This collection is dedicated to all the accused, innocent ‘child witches’ in Nigeria.

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This is very nice. Spot on, nkwo!

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