Ubuntu coming to America - Lexx is Talking

“LexxIsTalking Productions presents ‘UBUNTU, COMING TO AMERICA VOL 1‘ – An all around comedic short story about Ubuntu’s (lexx’s cousin) arrival to the United States of America. Lexx, Osi and peju (lexx’s cat) pick up Ubuntu and Ijey (ubuntu’s goat on crutches) from the airport and gets them familiarized with their new neighborhood as they visit different parts of the Town of Rawville.

Special guests include, Farai, Banky W, MI, Abiola, Jide, lulu, Cap B, Olukanye, Dipo, Saran, and a whole lot more of your favorite people. Its a fun read and all around hilarious story line. This is one graphic novel you’d love to own a personal copy.

LexxIsTalking is a production powerhouse. Founded in 2009 by Alexander Olukayode Ore. Alexander is known as “lexx” by most in the entertainment industry. Lexx is a Nigerian born American based Actor, writer, comic, Professional Hip Hop Dancer/choreographer and performer with a panache (college word :) ) for using words to paint comical pictures for his audience.

The comic book drops Friday - December, 17 2010! Make sure you grab your own copy at www.lexxistalking.com

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