Oleku "OlekuTheKlefMix" - Teeklef

Oleku Remix - Teeklef

"I'm all over the net, I guess I'm I.P"

Yes I know we are all tired of hearing Oleku remixes just as much as we are tired of hearing Hold Yuh remixes. BUT, this Oleku remix by Teeklef needs to be heard! Teeklef is a Rapper/Singer/Producer based in the U.S. All other Oleku remix I've heard have been made to the real Oleku beat by Ice Prince but, Teeklef changed things up a bit.

He re-produced the beat by himself, and he also selected other instrumentals and blended them into the Oleku beat and this just makes him a Genius! This by far is the best Oleku remix that I've heard. Teeklef's mixtape "NOBIS" (No Beat Is Safe) is coming soon so be on a lookout! I'm sure you will enjoy this remix.

Download HERE

8 comment(s):

Madness! Just pure madness! Loved it! Keep your head high man. Great remix.

Great job you definitely killed the song

nicely done, keep up the good work.

ok you can mix great please stop destroying the song ahh making people hate the damn thing i cant even stand to listen to the original anymore cause of people like you

Great stuff broo!! Abeg don't listen to the comment above mine. Keep doing you. You didn't destroy nothing, for all I know you made it better. Keep it up!

The Chorus Was a Not dat Gud... But your Flows was TIGHT.... YU Gud Mahn keep it UP

Anon 5 misunderstood anon 4's comment. Destroy is good within this context.

I'm so much liking this song....I've been playing it over and over again.

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